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Well I have decided that I really enjoyed blogging for my Integrated Strategic Communications that I’m going to continue to blog on all the communications classes that I will take from now on. For this next semester I am taking Sports Reporting, Digital Media, Writing for Communications, Sports and National Identity, and Communication Theory. I will post papers and project that I will work on. Also talk about what is going on in the class.


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1. Crisis Management: Chapter 19

Super heroes always pop up in everyday life. Yes the bat signal is away to show there is a crisis in the city of Gotham. If the bat signal could work for the city of Gotham then why not get a signal for anyone to use when a crisis arises. It is the best way to add personal touches to the blog when little things remind you of what we talk about in class.

LA Loschiavo December 2 2010 http://laloschiavo.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/crisis-management-chapter-19/

2. Black Friday ISC topic #2

Over the Thanksgiving Break I couldn’t get away from the Target commercials. It felt that every time a show had a commercial break a Target ad came on. The lady in the ad is so annoying it really made me not want to wake up that early for just some stupid sales. I have never done black Friday sales and I am going to keep it that way because no big sale is worth waking up for a 4am sale. I rather have my sleep any day.

Micheal Fleming  December 2 2010 http://michaelef.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/black-friday-isc-topic-2/

3.  Gossip Girl

I can’t get enough of this show. With this season it is keeping me on my toes of who Serena will choose, who Juliet’s brother is. It’s one of those shows that any age can watch because I have gotten my mother hooked on it and she watches it every Monday at 9pm. But finding out who gossip girl is no longer on my mind it’s just who cares anymore.

Sabrina Simpson  December 7, 2010   http://sabrinasimpson.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/gossip-girlchuc/

 4. ISC: Connection: Planning for a

If Bank of America is “the bank” that everyone thinks it is. Do you think it will affect the Charlotte area since it is the big bank that sponsors a lot of things in the city? I wonder if that is in their crisis plan. Can’t wait to see what happens if the information is leaked.

 Micheal Fleming December 7, 2010 http://michaelef.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/isc-connection-planning-for-a-crisis/

5. James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host Oscars

I will be watching the Oscars this year two see the two of them host. When I first saw that it would be Anne Hathaway and James Franco I was a little surprised because the Oscars are a big deal and they never let young actors and actress host. I hope it will be a night to remember.

Chelsea Lancashire December 7, 2010 http://clancashire123.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/james-franco-and-anne-hathaway-to-host-oscars/

6. Connections 6. Times Have Changed Croso

Well it is true that the typewriter is no longer need in this generation. It’s kind of sad that even newspapers and magazines are not as important as they use to be. It is true tat Twitter does get news out to the world faster because all the athletes and celebrities are on Twitter and they tell everyone what big changes or news that is going on. I guess I still need to get with the new day and age and get a phone that I can get on Twitter. Then maybe I will get into tweeting more.

Brittany Phillip December 7, 2010  http://brittanyp130.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/times-have-changed/

7. LeBrons Return to Cleveland

I think it was the way he went out that people don’t like. If LeBron just said hey I’m leaving because I don’t think I can win a Championship here and he had been with Cleveland for a couple of years then people might like him better. It will blow over in a couple of years he just needed to say why he left and told his fans. It is like the Tiger Woods deal it hurt him but it’s over and done with.

Jimmy Baker December 7, 2010 http://jamesbaker24.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/lebrons-return-to-cleveland/

8. ISC Connect: Leaked military government documents

That was a good media relation move by the government because they got their statement out fast to tell people that nothing will be affected. I think the government is the most important organization that needs Public Relations the most.

Josh Kane December 7, 2010 http://joshkane17.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/isc-connection-1/

9. Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting was new to me. Your presentation helped explain what is and how it is a law most people break. By just using a domain name that is already used by someone else or a company is law breaking. I wonder if that is why some sites change their domain name by just a couple of letters or words.

Lizzie Lithgow  December 7, 2010 http://lizzielith.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/cybersquatting/

10. Sharing, Hiding, and Finding Ourselves on Facebook

When reading this post all I could think about is all the discussions I have had in my Comm 101 class. On how much people do and don’t self-disclose on the internet. When making a Facebook page people tend to tell a lot about one self on their profile. With the statement that women tend to self- disclose more then men do is true. I my self don’t put a whole lot of my info on my Facebook page because I don’t know who is reading it.

Dr. McArthur December 7, 2010  http://jamcarthur.com/2010/11/16/sharing-hiding-and-finding-ourselves-on-facebook/

11. Disappointed But Not Angry With World Cup Bid Results

I was shocked to when Russia and Qatar won the bid for the World Cup. But on a similar note I think it will be a good thing that the World Cup didn’t go to the 2 main countries. It gives it a better turn out and we get to see how other countries will host a big event like the World Cup. Come on 2018 and 2022 we are waiting for you to come around.

Keep the Change December 7, 2010 http://billgary.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/disappointed-but-not-angry-with-world-cup-bid-results/

12. ImportantSkills for PR Practitioners

Those are some good tips that I can work on for trying to get into the PR field. I started to blog this year and I’m still trying to get into the Twitter world.  Gaining experience is the best way to learn. I know this post is old but I hope you have done well on your journey into the PR field.

Alyssa Maute December 7, 2010 http://amaute.wordpress.com/2008/09/04/important-skills-for-pr-practitioners/

13. Dream Job

Wow I found someone else who likes Disney World as much as I do. If I couldn’t get my dream job as a personal assistant to a Motorsports driver then I would want to be in their public relations department. I love to hear news of what new things are going on in the Disney Company. I hope you do get your dream job one day.

Ashley(Fish Food)  December 7, 2010 http://ashfish1.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/dream-job/

14.’Conan’ Alters Opening Credits For Obsessive Fan

That is a good thing that Conan gives back to his fans for saving his late night TV show. It goes to show that he has a good public image and knows how to make his fans happy.

Tara Ariano December 7, 2010 http://tv.yahoo.com/blog/conan-alters-opening-credits-for-obsessive-fan–1917

15. Three Items for the Sports PR Person to Keep Handy

I want to get into the Sports PR. Motorsports is what I’m interested in and I agree with the top 3 things that a PR person needs to carry around. I the Motorsports world you never know when you will need a sharpie in hand also the water you don’t want your athlete to faint on you.

Brian Gleason December 7, 2010 http://prinsportsblog.com/2009/11/18/three-items-for-the-sports-pr-person-to-keep-handy/

16. Katy Perry’s Crazy Costumes

Love the dress just wish I could have seen the whole dress. Her outfits are not at all out there for me she likes to have her own look. Just like Madonna and Cher had their outfits why can’t Katy have hers? Keep it up Katy.

Omg from Yahoo December 8, 2010 http://omg.yahoo.com/photos/katy-perrys-crazy-costumes/4441

17. Connections: Harry Potter

The reason that it might not had so much media id because people knew about it already. It’s the finally book and if you are a big harry potter fan you know when it is coming out. Working in a movie theater there was poster everywhere for the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Preston Jahn December 8, 2010  http://prestonrichard.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/connections-harry-potter/

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Getting a Career in PR

Now that my Integrated Strategic Communication class is almost over the last chapters we read was about how to launch a career in Public Relations.

The first thing is getting a plan together in the public relations manager process there is four steps to follow they are:

  1. Define the problem or opportunity
  2. Programming
  3. Action
  4. Evaluation

With the plan you need to have objectives for getting into the Public Relations field. But with making objectives they need to be clearly describe the end result, are they realistic for you to follow through.

There are two major departments in the Public Relations field that one can generally work in. They are:

  • as a staff professional in a public relations department of a corporation, university, hospital, sports franchise, political campaign the list can go on and on.
  • or as a line professional in a public relations agency, who helps the organization earn revenue.

If I had to choose from either of those I would choose the first one. What I really want to do is be a personal assistant to a Motorsports drive. Either in NASCAR or Grand-AM.

Now how to get into the job search of finding a opportunity in the Public Relations field. These 5 tips will help with the job search:

  1. What interests you
  2. Get a name of an organization you might want to work for
  3. Dispatch a pitch letter to your contact
  4. Call the person or company
  5. Prepare an elevator speech or as I like to call it your 30 second sell

Now with getting the job interview you have to take charge of the interview.

  • Lead the interview with your knowledge and strength
  • Say how you will add to the mix in the company
  • Get more names
  • FOLLOW up on the interview

Some of the times reading this book I just wanted to start a job in the Public Relations field but then I sit back a say to my self I need to learn a little more about the field in general.

Practice of Public Relations, The (11th Edition)Practice of Public Relations, The (11th Edition) by Fraser P. Seitel

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Lab 11 Media Kit

In this lab my partner Sabrina and I did a media kit of an event on Queens campus called Casino Night.

Queens Hosts Annual Casino Night
Casino Night will be held at Queens University of Charlotte on November 13, 2010 from 9PM-1AM in the Young Dining Hall and Diana Courtyard. Your early boarding pass purchase is $10 including a t-shirt or a ticket at the door is $15. Casino Night is a social event filled with dancing, food, casino games, music, and prizes.

Casino night is one of the most popular events on campus.  Jordan Roberts, a student who attended last year’s event says, “Casino Night is the night i’ll remember my whole life through because it was full of laughter, fun, and memories to last a lifetime.”

Queens University of Charlotte is a private, co-ed, Presbyterian-affiliated comprehensive university with a commitment to both liberal arts and professional studies. Located in the heart of historic Charlotte, Queens serves approximately 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students through its College of Arts and Sciences, the McColl School of Business, the Wayland H. Cato, Jr. School of Education, the School of Communication, Hayworth College for Adult Studies and the Andrew Blair College of Health which features the Presbyterian School of Nursing.

Media Contact: Sabrina Simpson or Lindsey Taggart  HYPERLINK “mailto:sabrina.simpson@qmail.queens.edu” sabrina.simpson@qmail.queens.edu  HYPERLINK “mailto:lindsey.taggart@qmail.queens.edu” lindsey.taggart@qmail.queens.edu

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Office of Marketing & Community Relations Queens University of Charlotte 1900 Selwyn Ave. Charlotte, NC 28274

Queens Diana is a bronze statue that was created by sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington in 1924. She was given to Queens University of Charlotte as a present in 1940 because she represents a powerful woman, when Queens was an all girls’ college.

She is located in the Diana Courtyard at Queens. This year she celebrates her 70th year anniversary by watching everyone who walks by her.

Queens Diana now has her own Twitter account (@QueensDiana). She tweets daily about events happening on campus, the weather, and the general atmosphere of the university. Despite Queens’s growth she still remains a local icon and has expanded the use of digital media on campus and in the local community.

Queens University of Charlotte hosts a Casino Night annually for students and staff. It is arguably the most popular event of the year on campus.

This event is held once a year on a Saturday night in November; this years date is November 13, 2010.

Casino Night is a social event where everyone is invited to get dressed up, dance, eat, and play casino games including poker and black-jack.

Every year there is a different theme. Some of the past theme’s have been “Arabian Fantasies”, “Roaring 20’s”, “Casino Royals”, “Hollywood”, and “Western.” This year’s theme is “Elegance on the Sea.”

Queens Diana will be featured in this years Casino Night because the event will be expanded to the Diana Courtyard where her statue stands.

Fact Sheet
Location: Young Dining Hall and Diana Courtyard at Queens University of Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C.

History: The first annual Casino Night was in 1985

Number of Attendance: 300+

Audience: Students at Queens, friends of students, family and faculty, and staff

Theme: Elegance on the Sea  Dress: Semi-formal

Q & A
Q: Will Alcohol be served?

A: Yes, to 21 and up. They will be allowed one drink per hour. It is also bring your own beer

Q: What is the attire?

A: Girls- cocktail dresses. Guys- slacks and button down shirts

Q: What food will be there?

A: Shrimp and crab tarts, Grilled chicken kabobs, Artichoke dip and chips

Q: Will supervision be there?

A: The faculty will be the dealers of the games and the campus police will also be there

The Pitch Letter
Dear Dr. McArthur,

Have you ever wanted to go to the casinos in Las Vegas?  Well how about not losing all of your money? No airport security or not having a night like the one in The Hangover? Sound like fun? As a matter of fact you can stay right here in Charlotte and go to Queens University of Charlotte’s very own Casino Night!

Sincerely,  Sabrina  and Lindsey

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Freedom of Speech

How does strategic communication intersect with free speech? When working for a client or company, how does one balance freedom of speech with company privacy?

How to answers these two questions well to begin with the 1st amendment is what we all get are freedom of speech from. It is the law and we are free to say what we want. Now how does that relate to strategic communication is when we talked about law and how to deal with it. It all comes back to the 1st amendment that’s what everybody goes by. When talking about freedom of speech in print or broadcast we have the right to say what we want as long as it’s with in the law. Now on to the second question to balance freedom of speech with company privacy. It is hard to think about that but what people have to say about a company is free game it is a person opinion. Then when you get into a company privacy of things that are not out to the public then it is not freedom to talk about. It’s not right for a person that is working for that company or client to go talk about their personal information to people. That is when it is not freedom of speech.

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What to do in a Crisis

Telling it all, Telling it fast, is the motto for Crisis Management.

There are two types of crisis management which are issues management and risk communication. The first one issues management which is a preplanned for when a crisis does come up a plan is already made. In the plan there needs to be each of these five elements:

  1. Anticipate the issues
  2. Identify the issues
  3. Deal with the issues
  4. Plan from the outside in
  5. Bottom-line orientation

Then on to risk communication which is managing the knowledge of the issue .

Know who do we know when we are in a crisis? Well here are seven warning signs that could happen when a crisis is about to occur

  • Surprise
  • Insufficient information
  • Escalating events
  • Loss of control
  • Increased outside scrutiny
  • Siege mentality
  • Panic

Which is really random that we are talking about crisis management right at this time because the U.S. embassy is in a crisis mode at this very moment due to the documents that have been leaked. So lets talk now what Hilary Clinton is dealing with. What to do during a crisis lets fellow these steps:

  1. define the risk
  2. describe the action that mitigate the risk
  3. identify the cause of the risk
  4. demonstrate responsible management action

This will help to end the crisis and limit the damage, which goes back to the telling it all; telling it fast.

Now what they do not do after the crisis is a different story. According to the Benoit Restoration  Theory a company has five choices to choose from to fix after the crisis they are:

  • Deny responsibility
  • Evade responsibility
  • Reduce offensiveness
  • Take corrective action
  • Apologize

Most company’s go through these steps but some just take the easy way out. By the main one people want to hear is an apologies from the company or even person. Like Tiger Woods did all of these choices but the apologies for what he did. Now what I love about taking classes that relate to the same topics because today in my news writing and editing class we were talking about the same things that what will happen with in a crisis. With the documents leaked Secretary of State  Hilary Clinton has to do one or more of these above choices to fix the information that was said through those documents.


Practice of Public Relations, The (11th Edition)Practice of Public Relations, The (11th Edition) by Fraser P. Seitel

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Finally He Does Some Changes

Hendrick Motorsports makes personnel adjustments for 2011
CONCORD, N.C. (Nov. 23, 2010) – Hendrick Motorsports has made personnel adjustments in preparation for the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, with drivers Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. being teamed with new crew chiefs.Below are the driver-crew chief pairings for each Hendrick Motorsports car, effective immediately: 

No. 5 Chevrolet

Driver: Mark Martin

Crew Chief: Lance McGrew

No. 24 Chevrolet

Driver: Jeff Gordon

Crew Chief: Alan Gustafson

No. 48 Chevrolet

Driver: Jimmie Johnson

Crew Chief: Chad Knaus

No. 88 Chevrolet

Driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Crew Chief: Steve Letarte

The cars of Martin and four-time Sprint Cup champion Gordon will be fielded out of the same facility, now known as the 5/24 shop. Earnhardt Jr.’s Chevrolets will be prepared out of the renamed 48/88 shop alongside those of five-time and defending Cup champion Jimmie Johnson.

“This will improve us as an organization, across the board,” said Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports. “We had a championship season (in 2010), but we weren’t where we wanted and needed to be with all four teams. We’ve made the right adjustments, and I’m excited to go racing with this lineup.”

Well Mr. Hendrick did what I have been thinking for a while now. You need to split up the 24 and 48 teams in the race shop. But the Crew Chief changes are a shock to me. I know that none of the other teams but the 48 have won lately but will it all work out. Just because the 48 team is now 5 time champions doesn’t mean anything. Why not see if Chad Kanus can use is magic with another drive. But we will have to wait and see if all these changes will work out when the 2011 season kicks off in February at Daytona on the newly paved track.

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Lab 10 Going Global

In this lab we were split into groups and each group got a country to persuade  are CEO and board were we should go in the world. My group got the Middle East and we explained how the Middle East has grown. We focused on the city of Dubai for the company to place the headquarters.

Here is are presentation also we had to do a spread sheet on how PR is growing.


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A Mickey Mouse Party

Well this week was Thanksgiving break for me and I also celebrated my 21st Birthday. So what I asked for was to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I’m a big Disney buff and I have wanted to go for the longest time to this event. This event is an event that happens after the park is closed. There is a special fireworks show and a parade. Christmas music all through out the park. Some of the big attractions are open. Cast member are  dressed in elf outfits. But the main thing I loved about the event is that all through out the park there are stations that you can go up and get hot cocoa and cookies or apples and apple juice. All you can eat. It’s the best thing in the world. I had a blast at the event with my family and best friend. I would tell anyone to go to this event. Through the event I was giving inside to what was going on with me tweeting every so often. Here are some of the ones I wrote:

  1. Going to start my christmas early with the greatest mouse in the world. “mickey”
  2. Just got 65,100 point on the buzz light year ride.
  3. Dead man tells no tale…. And really bad eggs.
  4. Just rode the wildest ride in the wilderness..
  5. 999 happy hunts and I make 1000
  6. Well my night comes to a close and guess what I saw mickey mouse. Well got to go before I turn into a pumpkin. 
Just some info on a good event to think about checking out.

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Lab 12 Twitter for the First Time

Well my week is over on Twitter, I’m still trying to decide if I want to keep it up. I was really hard to keep track of a tweet each day when your on vacation. Also some of the times I didn’t know what to write about. I did learn that I need to get a better phone for I can get on the internet for I can keep up with Twitter. With some of my post I related my class #COMM306 and also @Queensunv. The one day that was the most fun for me was on Friday November 19th because I was at Walt Disney World. Through the night I gave fun little up dates of what was going on. If I had a better phone or was near a computer they would have been better tweets. I see how Twitter is supposed to be a social network that people can learn things about other things people say but I don’t see the difference between Facebook and Twitter. We are still telling people what we are doing during are day. If you want to read my post check out my Twitter page at LinzTaggs.

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